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Egg freezing is the leading fertility preserving treatment. For women who wish to postpone family building without risking a loss of their eggs as they age, egg freezing is the treatment of choice. Through expert customized ovarian stimulation protocols, Dr. Mor has successfully performed egg freezing for many women across the greater Los Angeles area, in a simple and safe assisted reproductive technique.

Egg Freezing

Egg freezing has truly arrived! Proven, effective cutting-edge protocols for egg cryopreservation now give women more hope than ever in preserving their reproductive potential. More and more women are turning to this option as means of temporarily stopping their biological clock from ticking. Originally intended for reproductive-aged cancer patients who wished to maintain their fertility potential prior to aggressive "gonadotoxicity" chemo or radiation therapy (treatments which could destroy eggs within a woman's ovaries), egg freezing (egg cryopreservation) has recently assumed a more mainstream role. Today, any woman who is not yet ready for children (no significant other, demanding career path...), but who is concerned about her advancing reproductive age, is a possible candidate for egg freezing.

Unfortunately, every woman experiences a decline in reproductive capacity with increasing age, as egg number and quality diminish. Peak fecundability (the likelihood of conceiving per given month of trying) is reached around age 30 and gradually decreased as women age, with an accelerated decline after age 35 and an even more rapid decline after age 40. Although theoretically an option for any reproductive-aged woman, in practical sense egg freezing yields its highest benefits when performed early in a woman's reproductive life. For women older than 35, egg freezing may still be a viable option if their current ovarian reserve is determined to be good.

If you are considering egg freezing, it is important that you undergo a comprehensive consultation with a board certified reproductive endocrinologist to review all of your reproductive options. Various tests should be performed to determine your current reproductive potential (ovarian reserve) and to predict your egg yield from an egg freezing cycle. A multitude of treatment protocols exists for stimulating a woman's ovaries for the purpose of harvesting eggs. It is imperative that a thorough evaluation of your medical history and an examination be performed in conjunction with laboratory and ultrasound tests, in order to determine the most optimal custom stimulation protocol for you, with the aim of maximizing egg number while achieving undiminished egg quality from any given egg freezing cycle.

At CCRH, our years of experience in egg cryopreservation means we will be able to provide you with an expert medical opinion about your current and future reproductive potential as well as your eligibility for egg freezing. If you are deemed a good candidate for the process, our staff will administer simple, safe, and effective stimulation protocols to optimize your outcome. Recognizing that some women may not elect or need to use their stored eggs in the future, our successful egg freezing program has also been designed to be exceptionally affordable.

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