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Access IVF

Using a unique approach of creating customized IVF treatment protocols for each couple.

The ability to afford infertility treatment should not be the biggest barrier to becoming a parent. After multiple failed attempts at more conservative treatments, patients are faced with a decision to pursue costly IVF treatment in their hopes to create a family. Unfortunately, most insurances do not cover IVF treatment. Our goal at the California Center for Reproductive Health is to provide comprehensive IVF treatment with excellent pregnancy success rates at a fraction of the cost.


Access IVF Q & A

Patients who become candidates for IVF may be eligible for our Access IVF program. This program was created for patients who have not previously attempted IVF treatment. The Access IVF all-inclusive package includes clinic ultrasound monitoring, bloodwork, the egg retrieval procedure, intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) fertilization, and a fresh embryo transfer if medically feasible. The Access IVF program cost is substantially lower than that of a standard IVF cycle. If you have failed conservative treatments and are interested in IVF at a reduced cost, please contact our Center for additional information and to determine eligibility for the Access IVF program.

CCRH IVF Success Rates

The California Center for Reproductive Health has consistently delivered high IVF success rates, exceeding national averages in practically all age groups.  Cumulative live birth rates for 2021 (the latest reporting year) are featured below: