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Tubal Reversal

“I care for patients’ safety and success, and I go to great lengths with every tubal reversal I perform.”

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Tubal Reversal Testimonials

Marina C., Yelp


after lots of research I decided to go with Dr. Mor for my tubal reversal back in 1/2022 was pregnant 7/2022, now I have a beautiful healthy baby boy who is 8 weeks old! He was born via c-section and my OB and everyone else in the OR were VERY impressed with Dr. Mor’s work! We are so thankful we found him and he was able to help my partner and I make this dream come true! Eternally grateful to Dr. Mor and all his staff, the service and care we received was exceptional. Thank you so much Dr. Mor!

Brianna H., Google


I had my tubes tied 7 years ago during the birth of my son. I felt I should have had time to make a decision like that. The doctor who delivered my son gave in to what I demanded in the middle of me having horrible contractions for 36 hours. I would have never chosen that under any other circumstances. Dr. Mor repaired my tubes and gave me back my ability to have children and I’m so grateful to him. The whole process was straightforward, and everyone was very supportive even though I wasn’t an expensive IVF patient, they still treated me like my journey was just as important. They do an ultrasound to study your tubes and I felt very confident it would go well and they had a plan as to if I didn’t get pregnant they would have a dye test done so they don’t just operate and forget about you! The doctors there are all very intelligent people. The pricing for tubal reversal was 1/3 of what they were charging here in San Diego and Dr. Mor has so many successes vs the one in SD. It was the best decision I could have made. I had tubal reversal January 5th 2024 and I’m 7 weeks pregnant and it is not ectopic, the heart is beating safely in the uterus. Thank you CCRH for giving me the chance to expand my family! <3

Cyndi L., Google


Thank you Dr. Mor! I had my tubal reversal on February 5, 2024. Today April 24, 2024, I found out I am already waiting for my baby. THANK YOU, DOCTOR MOR and everyone at your clinic! Excellent service, I’m very grateful.  

    Must ask questions before you schedule your Tubal Reversal Surgery

    Your health, safety and successful outcome during and after a tubal reversal depend on the following:

    • Is your surgeon double board certified as both an OBGYN and a Fertility Specialist?

    • Are your surgeon’s board certifications active?

    • Is your surgery being done with an assistant

    • Is the assistant surgeon double board certified as
      both an OBGYN and Fertility Specialist?

    • Was your surgeon fellowship trained in
      tubal reversals in an accredited teaching institution?

    • Is the surgical center where your tubal reversal is performed State Certified?

    • Does your surgeon perform a mandatory preoperative (before surgery) examination (including a pelvic ultrasound and preop blood work) to ensure your safety for surgery?

    • Does your surgeon offer a postoperative (after surgery) examination to ensure you are recovering well without complications?

    • Can your doctor offer in vitro fertilization (IVF) as an alternative to a tubal reversal if it is determined that you are ineligible for a tubal

    Our Tubal Reversal Center is proud to respond to all of the above answers with a “YES”!

    Tubal Reversal

    The California Center for Reproductive Health is an innovative medical facility specializing exclusively in reversing all types of tubal ligations, using expert microsurgical techniques in a state-of-the-art facility in California, achieving exceptionally high success rates.

    You have reached our website because you have previously undergone a tubal ligation for permanent sterilization, and you now wish to have more children. Despite being considered a permanent contraceptive method, a tubal ligation is actually reversible most of the time through a simple procedure with a fast recovery time. Once a tubal ligation is reversed, you can conceive naturally without assisted reproduction, just like you did before. The Center for Tubal Reversal and Dr. Mor can help make your dreams of parenthood come true once again! We understand that tubal ligation reversal can be costly, and somewhat scary, therefore we have developed an affordable cost program that can reduce your financial burden and help you achieve your pregnancy in a less stressful manner. Doctor Mor is Board Certified in both Obstetrics and Gynecology as well as Reproductive Endocrinology/Infertility. Having gone through rigorous specialized training in microsurgery and tubal reanastomosis (tubal reversal) procedures at the University of Southern California (USC), Dr. Mor has emerged a leading expert in the procedure, performing hundreds of reversals each year. Every case is given the utmost attention with focus on safety and excellent outcome. Dr. Mor’s dedication to maintaining your health and achieving fantastic pregnancy rates means that no shortcuts are made! Only the finest facilities, staff, instruments, and materials are used in every tubal reversal surgery to achieve the best result possible. “I care for patients’ safety and success, and I go to great lengths to achieve that with every tubal reversal I perform.” Dr. Mor