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“I had got my tubes tied in 2011 and in 2015 got my reversal done with Dr.Mor I traveled to him from Seattle and was 100% satisfied with the service and care I received from him and his staff. It took me 1 year to conceive after my surgery. I got pregnant in 2016 and on January 1, 2016, we welcomed our tubal reversal baby boy. After my boy, I went on to have 2 more babies. Thank you Dr. Mor for making my dream come true of expanding my family!”


“I got my tubes tied in October 2004 after I had my son, but then I met a wonderful man who had no kids, we got married in February 2013. I search online looking for the right doctor and I found him! Everyone was so nice. Going into the operating room I was so scared but Dr. Mor was so nice he told me I will be okay. I’m so grateful; my tubes got untied in January 2014 my daughter were born in January 2015My daughter is now 2 months old my husband and I are so happy!! Thank you for helping us complete our family.”


“My husband and I were so pleased with our entire experience with Dr. Mor and his staff! We traveled from another state for my tubal reversal, so we did not have an existing relationship with him; however, upon meeting him we immediately felt we had made the right choice. He is extremely warm, knowledgeable, thorough, and answered every question I had before I could even ask it. Every interaction leading up to and after my procedure reassured me that we had made the right choice. While I knew, based on my research, that he is a competent and accomplished practitioner, I was even more pleased to find that he has an excellent bedside manner. I am truly grateful for Dr Mor. and the gift he has given us. We are so excited at the possibility of another child, and we have Dr. Mor and his wonderful staff to thank for it!”


“I had my tubes tied for 10 years and my husband and I decided we wanted another baby. I had my reversal done in March 2014. I was pregnant in April and lost that one at 5 weeks 2 days. Got pregnant for a second time in June and lost that one at 5 weeks and 2 days. We’ll third time was a charm! I got pregnant on my birthday in August. We are so happy to announce that we are due with a baby girl, May 2015!!!!”


“Special thanks to Dr. Mor and his staff for making our dreams reality. Dr. Mor is caring with every patient he has. He makes sure that all your questions are answered and that you feel important. After almost 10 years of having my tubes tied, my husband and I decided to have a baby. We did alot of research and found Dr. Mor. We had to travel to California from Colorado, but we were never so pleased to have made this trip. My surgery went great and after only 3 months trying to conceive we are proud to announce that we are pregnant and due to deliver June 2015. This is truly a blessing to our family and we are forever thankful for Dr. Mor and his amazing staff.”


“I just wanted to let you and Dr. Mor know that we are pregnant! I had my tubal reversal done on March 2014, we were pregnant in July! We are due on March 2015, just one short year after the surgery. I am so thankful for all Dr. Mor did for us. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”


“I would like to thank Dr. Mor for his fine work. I had a tubal reversal [recently]. I was pregnant on my first cycle after the surgery [but experienced a] miscarriage at 5 weeks. Then on my very next cycle, I got pregnant again and I delivered a beautiful baby boy, … almost 1 year from the date of my surgery. I had a wonderful experience. I had 7 cm [tubal length] left on each side after the reversal. Great job and thanks!”


“Dear Dr. Mor and staff, I [recently had] my tubal reversal with Dr. Mor. We just wanted to share that I am 28 weeks pregnant and we are expecting our son’s arrival on September 5, 2014. I have been under constant care of my OB/GYN and everything has been perfect so far. Please send my thanks again to Dr. Mor and all of the staff, we couldn’t be more excited.”


“I am so proud to say that [recently] we have delivered a beautiful baby boy! He weighed 9 lbs. 1 oz. and was 22 in long. We had our tubal reversal done with Dr. Mor [in] 2012. Dr. Mor is an amazing doctor. He is patient and sweet, and [he] did a wonderful job. Thank you Dr. Mor for helping us make our dream come true!!!”


“I just wanted to update you on baby #2 after [my] tubal reversal, my husband and I cannot explain how grateful we are. I have to say you must have some magic in those hands of yours. Your work is phenomenal and breathtaking… [A] million thanks to you and your staff.”


“I can’t thank you enough Dr. Mor for giving my husband and I this opportunity. I am 4 months pregnant after only trying for 5 months post Tubal Reversal. From the moment I called your office to the day of surgery, I always felt very well taken care of. My husband and I are overjoyed and can’t wait to meet our little boy! Thank you again!”


“I had my surgery on September 27, 2013 and I must say that I am optimistic and excited to begin this beautiful journey. Dr. Mor and his staff have been a real blessing to my husband and I. Our experience from the beginning has been a positive one. Dr. Mor is very informative and answers each and every one of our questions even before we ask them. This was so reassuring to my husband and I. Even after my surgery I had some concerns so I left a message with the Staff and Dr. Mor called me himself. I also got two calls, one from the surgery center and another from the Dr. Mor’s nurse just to see how I was doing. Thanks to Dr. Mor and his staff my husband and I are excited about what is to come ahead! Thank you Dr. Mor and Staff!! May God continue to bless you guys abundantly for the great service you provide!”


“Dr Mor is an amazing doctor! He answered all our questions and concerns during the consultation. So we proceeded with scheduling the surgery. On June 7, 2013 I had my tubal reversal and by July 12th, 2013 we found out I was pregnant. Just 1 month after having the tubal reversal. Dr Mor’s assistant “Gaby”, was extremely helpful she directed us on our next steps and eased our concerns. I immediately went to see my OB doctor and had my hcg levels checked every 2days for 1 week. Today’s ultrasound (July 28, 2013) confirmed a healthy, successful pregnancy. My husband and I are blessed to have had the opportunity to have had Dr. Mor as my surgeon and would highly recommend him to anyone considering a tubal reversal.”


“Dr Mor I just wanted to tell you thank you. In the beginning I was a little nervous but the nurse at the pre-op [visit] was amazing and made me feel comfortable. I knew going into this [that] nothing is guaranteed… and I’m proud to announce we’re expecting our little one in January and cannot wait. Thanks Dr.Mor, you truly are a blessing, [as well as] the nurse from pre-op thank you too, we cannot forget Erica for all your help. It took less than a month and a half… We will keep you updated on arrival…”


“Dear Dr. Mor, I had my tubal reversal done by you in February, 2013. It went wonderful and you were very good at addressing all my concerns afterward. Today is May 9th, 2013 and I found out I’m am 4 weeks pregnant!! It only took 2 months after my surgery to conceive. My family and I thank you so much for blessing us with an opportunity to add to our family.”


“After researching several different doctors and reading over a hundred reviews. I made the decision to travel to California (from Georgia) to try Dr. Mor. That was the best decision I have ever made. His staff is wonderful and friendly. My pre-op appt went very well. He answered my questions and I felt very comfortable after leaving. I had the robotic tubal reversal done and I can honestly say that I barely have any major pain. If you are like me and always reads over the reviews on the doctor’s website, they are all right on this website. Dr. Mor is very kind and seems very passionate about what he does. He even spoke with my husband in the waiting room after the surgery and informed him on how the procedure went. Even though it is left up to a higher power now to determine when I will conceive, I feel very confident that Dr. Mor did an excellent job and I can’t wait to report about a positive pregnancy test as well as report the birth of our child. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Dr. Mor. You are truly a blessing to us women who had given up hope.”


“Dr Mor and his staff are wonderful. When first calling in they answered all my questions. Living 12 hours away, his office was more than helpful with the planning of our trip. They recommended a fabulous hotel and places to eat. My preop went quick and easy. I even showed up early and they got me right in. The day of surgery everyone was very personable. When I was brought back [to the operating room] the anesthesiologist was wonderful. I have a severe allergy to latex and he made sure everything [was ready] before surgery. The nurses were very comforting before and after. Doctor Mor is a wonderful surgeon [and he] reassured me before I went in [for surgery], and let me know after [surgery] that he was able to recover an excellent amount of tube on both sides. I am 4 days out of surgery and can’t wait to update on a positive pregnancy test. Thank you Dr Mor and staff you are a blessing.”

F.R & T.R

“I had my tubal reversal September 2011! I am so glad that I went with Dr.Mor. I had searched for a doctor for over a year and after talking with Dr.Mor and his staff I knew that he was the right person to go with. Well I am so happy to say my daughter was born on October 18th 2012. I am so thankful for everything Dr.Mor has done. My Husband and I thank you so much, we are blessed with our daughter in our life now.”


“I want to say that Dr. Mor and his staff are awesome. They made me feel so comfortable and reassured me when I was nervous. I had my reversal back in February 2012 and it went very well. The recovery was not bad at all. I was able to return to work without any problems. Well I am pleased to say that I got pregnant only two months after my reversal. I now have an adorable baby boy who was born Jan 2013. I am so blessed to have met Dr. Mor and his great staff. I cannot thank you enough. God Bless you and your staff.”


“I am 36 years old and have four kids. I had my tubes tied ten years ago. I have been with my fiance for about 3 years, and he has no children. Like many people out there we drove ourselves crazy…searching all different doctors and reading a ton of testimonials. In the end we chose Dr. Mor! I had my surgery today and am currently recovering. I am very very pleased with Dr. Mor and his staff. They were extremely nice and helpful. I would highly recommend him!!!!! For me the surgery went great. I woke up feeling a reasonable amount of pain, but once I left and got some pain medicine in me I have had little pain…. We are extremely happy and are looking forward to the surgery being a success, and giving us a baby:) I wish everyone the best in chasing your dream like we are. I hope soon to be letting you all know that we are expecting!!!!!:)”


“I had my tubal reversal done last week and it all went well. I am extremely happy that I came across Dr. Mor and his wonderful staff. When I went in for my pre-op visit I was extremely nervous, once the nurse brought me into the room she went over all of the instructions and told me that I was in good hands. She was wonderful. Dr. Mor what can I say, he answered all my questions and took great care of me. I definitely recommend him and his staff. I hope to update you guys soon with our bundle of joy.”

P.W & K.W

“We had our reversal done in March and were pregnant in May. This however is not a story of a successful pregnancy, because we had a very rare type of ectopic pregnancy near the ovary. I called Dr. Mor’s staff and as soon as he was informed of the problem, he advised us on how to handle the situation with the numerous doctors that were handling my case. He called personally. I called the office the day after the removal of the embryo, and he took my call immediately, reassuring that this was a very rare event that likely would never happen again. I was so encouraged after 3 days of pain, misery and the heartbreak of losing our baby. Thank you so much Dr. Mor for being there for us. I have so much hope that we will have a beautiful child thanks to you. We will continue to pray for you, your family your continued success in being Gods instrument in this world.”


“If you are looking for a place to have a tubal reversal surgery done, I highly recommend Dr. Mor and his team. They are amazing persons, with great service, office and clinic. I looked for over 2 years and thank God I decided to have the surgery with them. I had my surgery [recently, and got pregnant within 2 months], and now I’m expecting a baby boy…”


“I [recently] had my [tubal reversal] surgery with Dr. Mor and I am VERY happy with the outcome!! I met him for the first time at my pre-op [appointment] and he was so friendly (compassionate) and understood me not only as a patient but as a person!! He took the time to listen to my concerns and reassured me that everything would be fine!! The day of my surgery I was very nervous, but once I saw a wonderful nurse (at the surgery center) and Dr. Mor I felt at ease and was very relaxed!!…I was VERY impressed with the fact [Dr. Mor] came back to see me [after surgery] to tell me (and my fianc&cute;) the WONDERFUL results of my surgery… I also had to call him for a simple question on [the weekend]… and he was very kind (as always) and answered my question and didn’t rush me off the phone!! I was in pain for 2 days but the meds he gave me DID help and now (5 days post op) I feel like I never had the surgery, I feel SO good… I cannot wait for the journey of our miracle that Dr.Mor made possible!!! I will forever thank him with all my heart for his amazing work, dedication, and caring heart!! You are not just a patient, you are a person in his eyes!! Thank you, Dr. Mor!! A special thank you to Gabby and Belgica, too…who listened, answered all my questions, and worked with me on a situation that was resolved quickly!! They are so patient and caring…they also deserve to be recognized for “Most Compassionate”!!!! I would recommend Dr. Mor to my friends!!!”


“I had my Reversal surgery with Dr. Mor on 9/29/11. We are expecting a boy on 9/22/12! Dr. Mor and his staff are amazing. Thank you for allowing us to add to our beautiful family.”

G.F & K.F

“Dr. Mor is a real life Hero! My Wife and I cannot thank him enough for the blessing he has helped bring to our life. We put our trust in him and the Lord and we have been greatly rewarded. My wife is now 2 months pregnant and we are filled with joy and gratitude. Prior to seeing Dr. Mor we tried IVF. [My wife] did become pregnant in the first round of IVF, but we lost our twins at 11 weeks. After our second round of IVF failed, we sought out a surgeon to perform tubal reanastomosis. [My wife] found Dr. Mor and that is where our story takes a very positive turn. During our consultation at the Encino office we found Dr. Mor to be very knowledgeable and approachable. He made us feel welcome, comfortable, and confident. The office staff is friendly, efficient, and helpful. The day of the surgery we drove up from San Diego. It was a peaceful early morning in Beverly Hills when we arrived at the surgical office building. The suite is pleasing and the staff are friendly and helpful. Dr. Mor put me at ease before heading in to operate. I took a nice walk while waiting. The operation did not seem to take too long. Before I knew it Dr. Mor came out. He had good news: the surgery was a success! There was enough fallopian tube to work with and things went well during the operation. He was right, it was a success! About 7 Months after the surgery we discovered that [my wife] is pregnant. Our doctor in San Diego has confirmed with ultrasound that our little one is in the right place and developing normally! We have proof that Dr. Mor is a stellar surgeon. If you are considering tubal reversal I strongly recommend you choose Dr. Mor. If there is a chance for success in your case he can surely deliver. Thank you Dr. Mor!”


“The Best TR Doc!! Okay, so I used to worry that I chose Dr. Eliran Mor out of California for my TR as from my research Dr. Berger out of Chapel Hill is the best. However, today my decision was rewarded. Dr. Mor successfully reversed my tubal ligation after 15 years of being cut/tied/burned. I was able to get [pregnant] in July after a May TR. Unfortunately, that pregnancy ended in September… I called Dr. Mor’s office this morning to get my operative report in order to take it to my OB… Not only did his office immediately return the documents I requested, they also asked if it would be okay for Dr. Mor to contact me. Obviously I said yes. Dr. Mor contacted me after office hours because he says he has a strict policy of making sure to return all patient calls the same day. He asked me what was going on and I explained about the miscarriage and that we have been trying to get pregnant since October with no luck. He was surprised that I had not [been able to conceive again] and he [requested that I] will contact my OB in the morning to ensure I get an HSG test [ordered] and [ovarian reserve testing]… He stated that I had “beautiful ovaries” prior to the surgery and [said] “don’t worry honey, we will get you pregnant in no time”. He is the sweetest man, made me feel hopeful again, and has kept his promise to be by our side every step of the way. I would recommend Dr. Mor to anyone. Not to mention, his prices were way less including flight/hotel than anyone I found.”


“Dr. Mor is fabulous. I just had my tubal reversal 5 days ago. The excellent experience starts the moment you call the center. The lady on the phone was so kind and sweet. She put me at ease and made me feel that no question was dumb. I knew the moment I spoke to her that I had found my doctor.

Gabby, Dr. Mor’s nurse was on top of everything. She emailed me all the paperwork I needed and got back to me ASAP when I had questions – which was ALL the time, LOL!My first consult was over the phone and Dr. Mor was pleasant and assured me that he could help me get pregnant. 

I researched him and the center and all the info was just great – kept showing me that I made the right call in choosing Dr. Mor. As we drove up to LA for my pre-op I was calm and confident. We arrived in Encino and were welcomed warmly. I was only waiting a few minutes in the exam room when Dr. Mor popped his head in to let me know he would be right there, unnecessary but great. As Dr. Mor walked into the exam room he went over my medical history off the top of his head. Way to make me feel comfortable, he was on top of it! He went over my exam and my husband’s analysis and everything looked great! The day of surgery Dr. Mor asked if I had any questions – none? Ok. Let’s begin. I walked into the surgery room, met the doctors assisting and gazed out the window at Beverly Hills until I lost consciousness. When I awoke I was so glad to see Dr. Mor – how did it go and all that jazz. He filled me in that my tubes are open and a good length, yay! The following day we headed back to Encino for the post-op and everyone in the office was so impressed with how well I was getting around. Good news. Dr. Mor explained everything to me again – you know how anesthesia can get ya all turned around – and told me to give him a call with good news. I cannot say enough great things in regards to Dr. Mor. He was so kind, caring, understanding, compassionate and warm. I wish he was my regular doctor. Fingers crossed that we will have a pregnancy announcement soon; thank you Dr. Mor!!!

After having my tubes tied for 7 years, my husband and I decided we wanted to have a baby. We researched the procedure and facilities available and found Dr. Mor. In [the early part of] of 2013 we traveled down to California to undergo our tubal reversal surgery. Dr. Mor was very supportive and willing to spend as much time as we needed to answer our questions and cover all details of the procedure. After surgery, we were excited to hear that Dr. Mor was able to successfully open and reattach both of my tubes. We waited a month after surgery before trying to get pregnant, and were overjoyed when 6 weeks post surgery we found out we were pregnant. Now a year later, we are happier than ever with our healthy and happy 2 month old baby girl. We are so grateful to Dr. Mor for making our dream of having a baby a reality.”


“I had my tubal reversal in 2011, we were unlucky in getting pregnant and (one year later) I had the HSG test. The radiologist said my tubes were blocked; it was very hard and disappointing to hear that. I was depressed for the next few weeks and did not want to think or talk about the whole process. Finally, [several months later], I decided to go ahead and call Dr. Mor and see what we needed to do in order to continue with the IVF process. He asked for the HSG results to be sent to him, upon reviewing them he stated that he was pretty sure they were not blocked due to a “tubal spasm” and wanted to repeat the test. I was pretty certain my tubes were blocked due to not being able to get pregnant the last few years. I had my [repeat] HSG test [done], and I could tell I was [very anxious], so Dr. Chin took his time and slowly we started to see the dye flow through both tubes [confirming that they were both open]. Overall, I think if I would have done it again I would not change a thing other than going to see Dr. Chin in Encino for the HSG test vs the my local radiologist.”

“I had my tubal reversal this year (2014). In less than 2 months we got our positive pregnancy test. We are beyond excited (and shocked) that we already conceived. What a blessing this baby and Dr. Mor is to our family. In choosing Dr. Mor we had to travel 9 hours to have the surgery but it was well worth it. The second we met him we knew we chose the right surgeon. He is very compassionate and answered all our questions before we had a chance to ask them. The entire experience was such a positive one, amazing how perfect everything turned out.”


“Dear Dr. Mor and staff, I [recently] had a tubal ligation reversal. I felt a little bloated and uncomfortable for about 2 days, but was back to work [within 3 days] with no restrictions. I am pleased to announce that my husband and I are expecting a baby! I am 8 weeks pregnant (today) and our baby is due in August. The entire experience was very smooth. Dr. Mor and his staff were understanding, very informative, and so wonderful toward us. Thank you SO much Dr. Mor.”


“Hi Dr. Mor, I just wanted to update you on delivery of baby #2 after my tubal reversal. [My] bab… was born on 09/02/… he was 5 lbs 10 oz [and] … was healthy. I’m just very grateful to you [that I] was able to have 2 more beautiful childr… [I went ahead and had my tubes tied again]. Dr. Mor if I would have not done that, guess what, with the great job you did and how fertile I am, trust me we would be probably pregnant with another o… I will keep referring my friends and relatives as the opportunities arise.”


“I had my tubal reversal on the 11th of November and it went great, I just took three days off work and then went back to work. No real pain experienced and the best part was that it did not interfere with my work. Now we just have to wait till Dec. 11th to try and conceive per Dr. Mor’s instructions. We are so excited and so happy and pleased that we did the surgery. The staff and everyone was very helpful and nice, price was very reasonable.”


“Hello Dr. Mor & Staff! I just wanted to give you an update on my tubal reversal and thank you so very much for giving my husband and I a chance to have a beautiful baby. After having my tubes tied for 7 years I didn’t ever think I would have another child and often regretted getting my tubes tied. Thanks to you I am now 26 weeks pregnant with a baby boy! We are so excited for this new wonderful addition to our family. You will definitely get a picture when he is born in February. Thank you and all your wonderful staff!”


“Hi Dr Mor, you performed my tubal reversal on June 21st, 2011. I had my first positive pregnancy test (I did six just to be sure) on July 23, 2011. I am now 13 weeks pregnant with a due date of March 30th, 2012. We couldn’t be happier! Thank you for restoring my ability to have more children.”


“Hello, Dr. Mor performed a tubal reversal on me in February of this year. I just wanted to let you know that I am now 19 weeks pregnant with a due date of 2/28/12. Thank you so much!”


“Hi Dr. Mor, you performed my tubal reversal in August 2011 and in September 2011, just after 1 month, I became pregnant. Ultrasound showed a gestational sac with a yolk sac [inside the uterus]. We are very excited! Thank you. Choosing you was the best decision I have ever made. My husband and I are so happy!!!! I never thought it would happen so soon. We will forever be grateful that we came to see you.”


“Dear Dr. Mor, I just wanted to say that the reversal surgery that was done October 2010 was a success and I’m currently 4 1/2 months pregnant. Thank you.”


“Dr. Mor, I wanted to tell you thank you from the bottom of my heart. You have changed my life for the positive. I will never forget you or your staff. My daughter was born one year and eight months after my tubal reversal =). She is a miracle baby and I couldn’t love her any more than I do!!! Thanks again.”

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