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For a limited time only, enjoy a  $700 discount towards any tubal reversal booked between now and June 30, 2023.


This means you only have to schedule your tubal reversal before December 31, 2022 (you do not need to have the actual surgery by then), to benefit from the lower fee. This brings the overall all-inclusive cost for a tubal reversal to $5500.


California Center for Reproductive Health offers a price of $4,200.00*,** for a standard tubal reversal. Affordable financing options are available, please contact our Center for details. Our all-inclusive fee for tubal reversal includes the following with no hidden fees:

  1. Initial consultation
  3. Preoperative visit (including pelvic ultrasound examination)
  5. Semen analysis (if needed)
  7. Preoperative blood work
  9. Surgery professional fees for Dr. Mor + assistant surgeon (both Dr. Mor and his assistant surgeon are double Board Certified Reproductive Endocrinology/Infertility specialists who performs every reversal procedure together)
  11. Postoperative visit (optional but included)

**A fixed cost for operating room + anesthesia will apply ($2000).
**Certain medical conditions, or extensive prior pelvic surgery may prolong operating room and anesthesia time and may require an additional fee.


The California Center for Reproductive Health’s fees are among the most competitive in the country. We strive to provide patients with friendly expert surgical care in a state-of-the-art facility at affordable prices. Affordable financing options are available, please contact our Center for details.

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