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Can I Play A Role in Choosing the Sex of My Baby?


If you want to not just increase your odds of having a baby of a specific gender, but guarantee a specific sex, then preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGT), is the preferred procedure. This process may be combined with Ericksson sperm washing and allows for a definitive choice when it comes to an embryo’s gender.

PGT is performed along with in vitro fertilization. The doctors take an egg and sperm from the respective partners and unite them in a lab. The resulting embryos undergo a biopsy and specific chromosomal test, which checks for gender and other chromosomal abnormalities (such as cystic fibrosis and Down syndrome).

The healthiest, most viable one or two embryos of the gender of your preference are then delivered into the woman’s uterus in a minimally invasive, in-office procedure. These embryos can then attach to the uterine wall and result in a positive pregnancy. PGT is nearly perfect in its ability to give you a child with the sex you desire.

At California Center for Reproductive Health, we’re leaders in assisted reproductive technology (ART) and gender selection. Couples in the greater Los Angeles area and beyond can find out more about how they can play a role in determining the sex of their future baby. Call us or use the online tool to set up a consultation at one of our offices in Encino, Valencia, Alhambra, or West Hollywood, California.