Can I Reverse My Tubal Ligation?

You may have been certain you were done with your family when you underwent tubal ligation, but circumstances change. At the California Center for Reproductive Health, we understand, and Dr. Eliran Mor specializes in reversing all types of tubal ligations. While a tubal ligation is technically female sterilization and considered irreversible, that’s not entirely true in most cases. 

We recognize that undoing a tubal ligation may sound scary and involved. The process is actually very straightforward and requires minimal recovery. We also work with you to make it affordable. Dr. Mor is committed to maintaining your health while helping you fulfill your dreams of having a child.

Here’s what to know if you’re considering a reversal of your tubal ligation.

Who can have their tubal ligation reversed?

Dr. Mor has undergone extensive training in microsurgery and tubal ligation reversal surgery techniques. He’s incredibly experienced in the process, performing hundreds of procedures each year.

Dr. Mor can reverse most cases of tubal ligation and takes into consideration the following criteria when determining if you’re a good candidate:

The doctor also takes into account any other gynecological surgeries you’ve had, such as procedures to remove endometriosis or fibroids. These surgeries can leave scar tissue, which can complicate tubal ligation reversal.

Dr. Mor also assesses the health of your ovaries, uterus, and existing fallopian tubes. Understanding your personal health history helps him customize your procedure and make it as safe and easy as possible. This evaluation also ensures you’re able to get pregnant once your tubal ligation has been reversed.

Is tubal ligation reversal a difficult surgery?

The whole surgery takes 2-3 hours total. Generally, Dr. Mor places a small “bikini” cut near the line of your pubic hair. He uses microscopic instruments to remove any clips or rings that were placed to block your tubes. The ends of the fallopian tubes are then reconnected to your uterus with small stitches.

Reversal of tubal ligation is done on an outpatient basis. You’re placed under general anesthesia, but don’t spend the night in the hospital. As soon as your vital signs are stable, we send you home the same day to recover.

Will I have to undergo fertility treatments following reversal of my tubal ligation?

Following a reversal of tubal ligation, you can look forward to getting pregnant naturally – without any assisted reproduction. You’ll carry a baby like any other woman who has not had a tubal ligation.

The California Center for Reproductive Health boasts high pregnancy rates following tubal ligation reversal. We can support you throughout your pregnancy, too, to ensure things go smoothly throughout the nine months of gestation and delivery.

What if my tubal ligation can’t be reversed?

Certain types of tubal ligation, like Essure® or total removal of the fallopian tubes, just can’t be reversed. Dr. Mor and our team at the California Center for Reproductive Health explore other options for you in these cases, such as in vitro fertilization (IVF) so you can still bear a child.

Call one of our offices in Encino, Santa Monica, Valencia, Alhambra, and West Hollywood, California, to set up a consultation and evaluation. Alternatively, you can schedule an appointment online.

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