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Kendra H., Yelp

Dr. Mor was patient, kind, supportive, informative and understanding. He has an incredible bed side manner. I really don’t know how he fits so many things in his day. My fiancé and I went to Dr.Mor after trying to conceive on our own. He gave us multiple options. In the end we decided to use IVF. We had a couple of hurdles along the way, we found out I had polyps so I had to have surgery for that before proceeding with my embryo transfer. Also I developed an ovarian cyst. This delayed my embryo transfer for about a month. Dr Mor is 100% hands on during the entire process and gives you options. I went through IVF during COVID-19 so my fiancé wasn’t able to be in the room with me and often felt lost. Dr Mor could always took the time to help me understand things better. We started the process January 2021 and as of June 2024 I have a healthy active 2 year old daughter.