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Brianna H., Google

I had my tubes tied 7 years ago during the birth of my son. I felt I should have had time to make a decision like that. The doctor who delivered my son gave in to what I demanded in the middle of me having horrible contractions for 36 hours. I would have never chosen that under any other circumstances. Dr. Mor repaired my tubes and gave me back my ability to have children and I’m so grateful to him. The whole process was straightforward and everyone was very supportive even though I wasn’t an expensive IVF patient, they still treated me like my journey was just as important. They do an ultrasound to study your tubes and I felt very confident it would go well and they had a plan as to if I didn’t get pregnant they would have a dye test done so they don’t just operate and forget about you! The doctors there are all very intelligent people. The pricing for tubal reversal was 1/3 of what they were charging here in San Diego and Dr. Mor has so many successes vs the one in SD. It was the best decision I could have made. I had tubal reversal January 5th 2024 and I’m 7 weeks pregnant and it is not ectopic, the heart is beating safely in the uterus. Thank you CCRH for giving me the chance to expand my family! <3