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4.92/5 Star Rating
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California Center for Reproductive Health always appreciates feedback from our valued patients. To date, we’re thrilled to have collected 65 reviews with an average rating of 4.92 out of 5 stars. Please read what others are saying about California Center for Reproductive Health below, and as always, we would love to collect your feedback.

Alma T.
5/5 Star Rating
Submitted 01/24/23
Ufff the Roller coaster of dreaming on another baby. Had my 3 now adults in 2000, 2002 and 2003 Enjoyed them very much but had my tubes tied since I was "done". fast forward to 2018 fall in love again and we wish on a baby. Our first clinic. Horrible service. Moved on to a second. I asked many questions and said IVF was my best option and ran all test. Results where wonderful Im healthy and strong. Money here money there... seemed suspicious. So we put an end to that process. Found California Center for reproductive health and since the phone consultation Dr. Eliran Mor was confident and when I said I want a tubal reversal and let my body do the rest. We did it!! Staff is amazing! Dr. Irene Woo the sweetest. you feel the warmth of the staff I would call any time my question where answered. Didn't feel judge cause of my age. Let me not forget my nurse before surgery that sadly I forgot her name. An angel. Now I'm 39 weeks pregnant waiting on our lil boy to come and we could not be happier! and blessed. Can't thank you and your embracing staff for making our journey safe and comfortable.
Cindy M.
5/5 Star Rating
Submitted 10/28/22
I found Dr. Mor's office after I had a miscarriage and the worst experience with my current provider. I had been in pain for months and couldn't even focus on my grief. I was scared of getting pregnant again knowing a miscarriage was very possible again since no one could give me an answer of what was going on with me. The first time I met Dr. Mor, he asked a lot of very important questions I had not been asked before, he right away told me about the possible treatments that can be done, and that gave me hopes at the moment I needed it the most. He did some testing, which again, the other provider never even mentioned even after I had been admitted to the hospital a few times. Thanks to that testing, he found out what the issue was and he also performed the surgery I needed. I want to mention that I had never felt so relieved and so calm about a procedure before, but I had put all my trust in him and I knew everything would be better after that. Right after the surgery, he showed me the photos of the procedure and what was removed, answered my questions and concerns, and assured me I could get pregnant after recovery. He was right! I had an IUI done at his office, and two weeks later I get a positive pregnancy test! My husband and I were so happy to call them and tell them the news. They did some more tests to make sure the baby is getting what it needs, and I have even seen my baby move during the ultrasounds... That was a first time experience for us, so it was very exciting. I have now graduated from Dr. Mor's office, and I am looking forward to meeting the new member o four family. Every time I stepped into that office, all the anxiety I experienced with the other provider went away. The staff there makes you feel welcomed and it is a very positive experience. My husband and I are very thankful and feel very lucky to have found such an amazing doctor with such an amazing team.
C. S.
5/5 Star Rating
Submitted 07/30/22
I came to Dr. Mor for a tubal reversal and was blown away at how professional and kind everyone was in the office. I had a chance to see Dr. Woo, she was so kind and even made me less nervous the day before my reversal. Dr. Woo answered any questions I may of had. I had my tubal ligation in 2014 and reversed in December of 2021. Being that I was older and a few months shy of being 38, I didn’t know if it would be successful, because it had been so long. Dr. Woo looked at my egg reserve and said I had a very good chance. The next day I met up with Dr. Mor for my procedure. He was honest about the pros and cons due to not knowing what the condition of my tubes may be like. Well in March of 2022, my husband and I found out that we were expecting to our surprise. I’m now 6 months with a baby boy on the way! My husband and I thank God for finding these two that worked beautifully together. We were not a resident of California, and was glad we made the decision to come. Thank you Dr. Mor and Dr. Woo!!! Trust me, Dr. Mor knows what he’s doing and you will not regret it!
5/5 Star Rating
Submitted 07/01/22
I was very satisfied with my visit.
Ashley P.
5/5 Star Rating
Submitted 05/31/22
I had a tubal reversal with Dr.Mor in April 2021. I am currently 9 weeks pregnant! Thank you, Dr. Mor.
Stephanie Y.
5/5 Star Rating
Submitted 05/18/22
I flew in from out of state for a Tubal Reanastamosis with Dr. Mor. I actually did my consult with Dr. Mor and then went into the office to meet with Dr. Woo. I met Dr. Mor on the day of the surgery and had my friend there to take me. I should have hired a nurse because she decided to get a car detail and left my pain meds in the car and had gotten a rental, I was absolutely terrified to wake up in pain. The surgical staff assured me they would not let me wake up in pain and would control it the best they could when I woke up. I was given a blood thinner injection IM which is very odd because it is not usually given that way. The injection left a giant blue bruise and welt that did not go away for weeks (Not by Dr. Mor). My friend was given instructions to bring me back the following day, she did but at the wrong time which I found out later because it didn't work with her schedule -_- (I was not in any condition to remember the time after surgery so was surprised when they said I was hours early). So the next day saw Dr. Woo again, the surgical notes were not ready yet so we just talked. I recovered at my friend's home before flying back. A few months later (my husband is military so I had to wait to try for a baby) I found out I was expecting. I am due July 31, 2022. We are very excited. Thank you, Dr. Mor, Dr. Woo, Surgical staff, and office staff. The coordination was great and so was the communication. The office manager was experienced with payment and processing and was great to work with. Very excited to meet my son <3
Melodie J.
5/5 Star Rating
Submitted 02/11/22
In 2014, I under went a full tubal ligation. After 9 years me and my partner decided to have a child and I Had a tubal reversal with Dr. Mor in August 2020. My tubes previously were cut and burned which needed to be repaired. Dr Mor was excellent during the whole process. During the pre op he explained and answered any questions me and my fiancé had. Before surgery he came in to check how I was and if any further questions. After surgery still came in to make sure everything was okay. In March of 2021 me and my fiancé were pleased to announce that we were 4 weeks pregnant. We delivered a healthy little boy November 2021! I would highly recommend Dr. Mor and will continue to speak of my positive experience and share my story with the help of Dr. Mor and California center for Reproductive Health.
Amberette J.
5/5 Star Rating
Submitted 12/20/21
We found Dr. Mor April of 2020. This was after we were scammed by another facility in California that really was not a facility I guess. They took money from us and no longer answer phone calls or anything and we were scheduled to drive out there on a specific day and that did not happen. Dr. Mor Team in office were very sweet I explain to them the situation and they took me as a patient. We ended up scheduling for me to have my tuba reversal done October 19, 2020. Prior to my tubal reversal my tubes were tied for almost 6 years. I was truly nervous about getting this done. This would have been my husband and I first baby together as he had children in his previous marriage and I had children in my previous relationship. So we went for our scheduled to reversal of the team was great they were nice they calmed my nerves, they were good to my husband as well. I had a great anesthesiologist and when I woke up I was told that he was able to repair not one but both of my tubes. Stated that we can try 30 days later. We ended up getting pregnant July 2021. I am currently seven months pregnant in awaiting our baby boy in February 2022. So I highly recommend this facility if you’re looking to get the surgery done. I’m very skeptical about a lot of places.They truly made me a believer. And I also want to thank them for putting up with all my phone calls and be bothering him all the time. LOL asking a whole lot of questions.
Casey M.
5/5 Star Rating
Submitted 10/09/21
I first reached out to Dr Mor in 2017 about a possible tubal reversal but life happened and I wasn't able to do it at that time. A few years went by and I contacted his office again and they had all my information and medical records saved and I was able to book an appt right away. I had my tubes cut and burned in Aug 2013 and I had my reversal done Aug 2021! It worked perfectly! I got pregnant first try and I am due June 2022!!
Shannon P.
5/5 Star Rating
Submitted 09/22/21
When you first enter any fertility clinic there's an immediate fear factor and disbelief. I can't believe I'm here and what will the future hold are just two of the things running through your mind. As soon as we sat down with Dr. Mor and explained our fertility blocks, he optimistically gave us options. He listened to us and believed in us. And really, throughout the whole process matched our own excitement. The team was equally fantastic, supportive, and there for us throughout the way. We couldn't have chosen a better fit for our fertility journey, and we're so excited to have our twins in just a few short weeks!
H S.
5/5 Star Rating
Submitted 08/18/21
I cannot put into words how highly I recommend Dr. Mor and his team at CCRH Encino! From day one, we were treated like family. Dr. Mor is fantastic. He was patient and explained everything clearly. He is on top of everything and great at calming our fears. He is very friendly, knowledgeable and positive, which is very crucial part to have in Doctor while checking their patients. He took the time to inform us and answer our questions we had during each process. Every appointment was right on schedule, and everyone in the office was the utmost professional. We felt truly cared for during our long and emotionally-draining road to parenthood. I am definitely coming back for my second one Thank you Dr. Mor for helping us in making our dream come to reality!
I D.
5/5 Star Rating
Submitted 07/29/21
My boyfriend and I are new to IVF. Although we had the ability to conceive naturally, we decided that based on our age and timing in life, we would like to explore IVF treatments. Checking reviews is very important to us, so this review is probably long overdue. But the way we found Dr. Mor is by comparing reviews on Google and Yelp. After narrowing our choices down, we met and consulted with Dr. Mor and another team. We made the selection based on the quantity and quality of reviews, as well as their published statistics of success rates, which are publicly available. We met with Dr. Mor who encouraged us both to take tests to determine our individual levels of fertility. Although my boyfriend’s levels were not perfect, they were good enough to continue trying natural pregnancy. Dr. Mor suggested that we keep trying the natural method for a few more months, and then try IVF if that does not succeed. Since we did not want to wait any longer, we just decided to proceed with IVF treatments. Over the course of the next 4-5 weeks, we took the required tests, medications, and hormone injections to increase my egg production. In our case, everything went perfect on the first try. This is not always the case, and they told us that a lot of this still has to do with old-fashioned good luck. But fortunately in our case, things went smoothly. The egg retrieval and fertilization took place on the same day, and after a few days the doctors were able to tell us how many embryos were viable. They could also see how many embryos were male and how many were female by looking at the chromosomes. Then came the decision of how many embryos we wanted to transfer. Since this is our first baby, we agreed that starting with one embryo made sense for this cycle. Dr. Mor asked us if we would prefer a male or female embryo, and we told him that we had no preference. We did the embryo transfer about two weeks after the egg retrieval and fertilization, and waited anxiously for the results. We went in about a week after the transfer for a pregnancy test, which confirmed that we were pregnant. We were ecstatic and exhilarated. A pregnancy due date was established and we continued with regular visits for the next couple months. We visited Dr. Mor about once every three weeks and went through all the great experiences of a first pregnancy: the first ultrasound, the first heartbeat, the first image of our baby. All very exciting. Our treatments and consultations with Dr. Mor continued until we reached 11 weeks, at which point it was time to transition to an obstetrician. Dr. Mor gave us several referrals for obstetricians and we checked the reviews to select the one we liked. We are now at 13 weeks and filled with gratitude and optimism. We highly recommend Dr. Mor and California Center For Reproductive Health.
Angelica P.
5/5 Star Rating
Submitted 06/07/21
I had a tubal reversal surgery and it was great I went there April 7 for a pre opt my surgery was April 8 and the dr said wait 4 weeks before trying to convince well I’m pregnant here we are In June I have been getting a lot of blood work done with my dr just to make sure my pregnancy hormones are going up and I did had 3 ultrasound already done the first we could see anything but the second did see our baby and it measured 5 weeks so I have to continue to monitor just to make sure everything keeps going good but it was great thank you so much I’m still I. Shock how fast it happened
Z L.
5/5 Star Rating
Submitted 06/06/21
Prior to seeing Dr. Mor, I had two failed IVF cycles in another well-known Fertility clinic. Fortunately, my husband and I came to see Dr. Mor at CCRH. After a detailed initial consultation, we felt hope again. The following services I received from Dr. Mor and his staff were excellent. Dr. Mor is very knowledgeable, experienced, and honest. His staff is warm, caring, and professional. After the first IVF cycle at CCRH, I'm successfully pregnant. Dr. Mor continued taking care of me until I graduate from the CCRH at 11 weeks pregnant. We cannot thank enough for how much Dr. Mor and his staff have done for my family. We're forever grateful and we will definitely come back if we want a second child. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Dr. Mor and California Center For Reproductive Health.
Samantha F.
5/5 Star Rating
Submitted 06/02/21
My husband and I cannot thank Dr. Mor and all of the staff at CCRH enough! We found Dr. Mor after 2+ years at another fertility clinic. We were feeling so frustrated, hopeless and burned out. After meeting with Dr. Mor, we knew we were at the right place. He really listened and took the time to understand our specific case and brought a new approach. I am now 16 weeks pregnant with our baby girl! I felt so comfortable in the office. Dr. Mor and his staff were so patient, answered all of my questions and really helped guide us along the path. Fertility treatments can feel so overwhelming but Dr. Mor and his staff made the experience so much easier! My husband and I cannot recommend Dr. Mor and CCRH enough. They will always hold a special place in our hearts and in our family!
Jennifer A.
5/5 Star Rating
Submitted 05/18/21
I can not thank Dr. Mor and his staff enough for taking such great care of me and our future family. I had gone through IVF three times with another doctor before I finally found Dr. Mor. Dr. Mor approached us with other options that were never given to us with other doctors. Dr. Mor listened to all my concerns and generally cared. I felt so comfortable in his office. My husband and I highly recommend CCRH! Thanks to Dr. Mor and his staff I am currently 12 weeks pregnant with our miracle TWINS! Dr. Mor will always be a huge part of "our family"
5/5 Star Rating
Submitted 05/11/21
My experience start to finish was amazing from the first phone call to the Dr. visit, pre-op, surgery and the after care. I had a tubal reversal surgery in March 2021 and I tested positive this month May. Dr. Mor kept us update before and after surgery and was extremley amazing during surgery as well. I cant wait to update on the progress of this pregnancy. Again thank you to all the staff and Dr. Mor!
Corey N.
5/5 Star Rating
Submitted 04/17/21
I cannot say enough positive things about my experience with this team! Five stars across to board for the doctors and staff! I originally met with Dr. Woo about two years ago when I was having a hard time conceiving with my husband. Everything checked out fine at first so we attempted 3 IUIs that were not successful. After those tries Dr.Woo suggested that my husband and I try IVF. We went to her clinic and got started with egg retrieval which went smoothly for my husband and I. However, after the egg retrieval it was found that I had endometriosis this whole time. After 10 years of going to different doctors knowing something was not right, Dr.Woo was the one who finally saw the true problem. Not only did I have endometriosis but my uterine fibroid grew larger as well. So I needed to schedule a surgery to have it removed, as well as the endometriosis. After healing for about 4 months we were able to get started with the embryo transfer. However, the first one did not work. Dr. Mor was there to help us through and suggested an ERA test. The ERA test is a test to see if the uterus is receptive to implantation and it can also check for other problems as well. After we got our results, it turned out that I had some Natural Killer T cells in my uterus which could possibly be blocking implantation. This can be suppressed by taking steroids (medrol) for the next transfer, which I did and it worked! After 3 years of trying, many tests and two doctors who were determined to get to the bottom of my problems I am now pregnant and in the 2nd trimester! Dr. Woo and Dr. Mor are both amazing, and will not give up on you, they are also very honest and will answer any questions that you might have. I will happily come back when I am ready to have my second baby and work with them. I wish I could stay with them throughout my whole pregnancy but I am now ready to move on to the doctor who will deliver my baby. For anyone reading this please do not give up on yourself and find a team who will support you, your health, and your goals. CCRH was that place for me and my family!
Liselle U.
5/5 Star Rating
Submitted 04/15/21
This review is looong overdue! We first started going to Dr Mor in 2018! We were lucky to have a successful frozen embryo transfer in 2019 and welcomed our son! We waited a year before going back to Dr Mor, and once again we were lucky to have another successful fet in 2020, and will be welcoming our daughter next month! We can’t thank Dr Mor, Dr Woo, and all the ladies in the office enough for all their love and support throughout our journey! We consider them family and will forever be grateful to them for our two little ones! :)
Cindy M.
5/5 Star Rating
Submitted 04/05/21
I cant thank the staff and Dr. Woo enough for everything they have done for me. From making me super comfortable, explaining the difficulties and going through each process with me has been a great experience. Each step was scary, but Dr. Woo was amazing at explaining and clarifying any questions I had. This team was a blessing to me and I am so grateful everyday for having met them and having them guide me through this process. They kept me confident and patient. I love you all!
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