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How to Finance Fertility Treatment

Many couples have concerns about how to finance fertility treatment. When you’ve been having difficulty conceiving, before making a decision about whether to go forward with fertility treatment, it’s important to understand what services you need so that you can make a decision about what you’re willing to commit to financially. 

Getting fertility treatment can be expensive and understanding all your options can help take away some of the stress related to financing fertility treatment. The team at the Center for Reproductive Health is available to answer any questions you may have about fertility treatment options, including possible ways to finance fertility treatment. 

Check With Your Health Insurance Provider

In many cases, health insurance doesn’t cover the full price of fertility treatment, but it’s a good idea to find out for sure if you have any coverage that may help reduce your overall cost. Contact your health insurance provider and ask if you have any coverage related to infertility. Some parts of the diagnostic testing done as part of your workup may be covered, such as bloodwork or an ultrasound.

Explore Financing Options

Some patients are fortunate enough to have money already saved or available to borrow from family members that can be used to pay for fertility treatment. Other patients are quick to use credit cards, but before immediately putting fertility treatment costs on a credit card, be sure to explore other possible funding options. The interest rates on credit cards can be very high and can lead to financial stress. 

There are a variety of lenders that finance fertility treatment. Some lenders such as CapexMD and New Life Fertility Finance specialize in fertility financing, and they’re familiar with the costs and fees that may be related to fertility treatments. Personal loans through other lending companies may also be an option. Look for flexible financing options and consider loan terms and rates as well as how a loan may affect your overall finances before committing to borrowing money to finance fertility treatment. Crowdsourced funding may be an option for some patients.

Understanding the Total Cost

The overall cost of fertility treatment can vary greatly. Fertility treatment plans may have a wide variety of options such as IVF, surrogates, third-party egg donors, etc. When choosing the best fertility treatment option for you, make sure you understand the total amount you’ll be expected to pay. 

Ask what’s included and not included in the quoted price. Find out whether medications are included in the price quote and whether there are any other costs that may be billed separately. Some questions you may want to ask include:

  • How many rounds of IVF are included in the cost?
  • Are there separate fees for storing eggs and embryos?
  • Are preliminary consultations included in the cost?
  • Are there any assisted reproductive technologies that aren’t included in the price quote?

If you need help understanding your insurance coverage or financing options, the staff at the Center for Reproductive Health wants to help. Reach out today for an appointment or with any questions you may have.