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Tina Koopersmith, MD

OB/GYN and Reproductive Endocrinologist located in Encino, Valencia & West Hollywood, CA

OB/GYN and Reproductive Endocrinologist located in Encino, Valencia & West Hollywood, CA

Doctor Koopersmith has practiced her craft in private practice since she finished her training in 1995.
A native of New York, she wanted to leave the northeast for adventure and expansion so she chose to
attend DUKE University in North Carolina for undergraduate education, graduating Summa Cum Laude
and Phi Beta Kappa.

Although she was PREMED from the start, she was admitted early to DUKE University School of Medicine
on the condition that she devise a unique undergrad curriculum. This allowed her to major in political
science and study at LONDON SCHOOL OF ECONOMICS for a semester. Her research during college
included the portrayal of birth control in the media as well as a comparison of healthcare systems
between the USA and the Scandinavian countries.

By her third year of medical education, she began to focus more on GYN and FERTILITY, doing a research
project on recurrent miscarriage—a precursor animal study before a human trial of paternal leukocyte
immunizations for miscarriages.

Family and a relationship lured her out to Los Angeles, where she did a 4 year residency in OB-GYN at
USC/LA County Medical Center. Following this, she continued her studies at USC/LA County for her
fellowship in REI/Fertility where she did research on contraception, hormones and immunology.

Leaving the academic environment to practice medicine allowed Dr Tina the flexibility to have her
medical practice in close proximity to her children’s schools to facilitate raising her family. But despite
monthly journal clubs and semi-annual medical conferences to stay up to date, Dr Tina craved more
intellectual stimulation. In 2017, she went back to school and has not stopped furthering her education.

Dr Koopersmith is way more than just an REI fertility gynecologist. She is now board certified in
INTEGRATIVE MEDICINE, graduating with honors from the AIHM Integrative medical fellowship. She
subsequently has also finished the coursework with the INSTITUTE for FUNCTIONAL MEDICINE (

She is certified as a S.xuality &r0tic Blueprint Coach as well as Master coach with Accelerated Evolution
Academy. She is trained in heart math, including using heart math in cases of trauma. Well versed in
meditation, she has taken several meditation and enlightenment courses.

For many years, she could be found on weekends watching her children do their athletic pursuits—this
ignited a spark to move beyond casual workouts.

In her 40s, she partnered with Team in Training and upped her game. For fun, she loves to swim, bike,
run and play—doing triathlons and running races, with yoga for recovery. When she is not out training or
racing, you might find her reading or enjoying her infrared sauna. She has recently started to play mahjong,
study pottery and TANGO dance. She also loves to write books and speak and teach.

In summary, Dr Tina Koopersmith is an integrative medicine physician AND coach, best-selling author,
speaker, athlete and always a mom and perpetual student. For 30 years, she focused on bringing life to
her patients (babies) and now she is dedicated to SIMULTANEOUSLY bring her adult patients BACK TO
LIFE — enjoying MOMENT TO MOMENT – even while waiting for their family to grow.