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We are excited to offer a Shared Egg Donation program to make donor eggs available at an affordable

The majority of egg donors will produce 16-20 mature eggs which is more than enough to share with more than one recipient. With a shared egg donation cycle, more than one couple uses the eggs from one donor. Intended parents choose a donor and share the fresh eggs with another recipient. Each recipient is given 8 fresh mature eggs. The cost, including donor compensation, donor medication, donor screening, fertility monitoring, and egg retrieval is essentially reduced by half. This option offers significant cost savings when compared to traditional egg donation.

How it works

A recipient selects one of our prescreened egg donors. You do not need to have a second recipient to move forward with the cycle. In cases where there is not a second recipient, CCRH assumes the position of the second recipient in order to not delay the process. (Which means we share half of the financial burden with you.)Each recipient is promised 8 fresh mature eggs which usually results in 2-4 blastocysts. Because live birth rates are very high with donor eggs, the recommendation would be to transfer only one good quality embryo at a time and cryopreserve (freeze) the remaining. With the shared donor egg program, we may have fewer remaining embryos available to freeze after transfer but it does not compromise pregnancy rates.

There are occasions when an egg donor does not produce as many eggs as predicted to share and in these cases, our egg donation team will coordinate with you on next steps.

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