Steps To Become An Egg Donor


$5,000-$10,000 compensation. Sign up today - NO OBLIGATIONS!

1. Please complete the below application. Once you have completed your application, we will review it to see if you meet our eligibility requirements. If so, we will contact you as soon as possible to arrange an in-person interview.

2. In person interview - We will briefly review your medical history and physical exam. A pelvic ultrasound to check the health of your ovaries will also be performed. After this interview, if you are accepted into our Egg Donor Program, your profile will be uploaded to our password protected website. Egg donation is mostly done anonymously, meaning that the donor and the intended parents do not know the identity of each other. To help you be chosen and matched, we do create an electronic profile which is posted on our password protected website. The profile includes pictures and information about your health and family history. Your name will never be used. 

3. Being Selected - It’s an amazing feeling to know you could provide a life changing gift to a couple! 

4. Medical Screening and Genetic Report - Once you are selected, you will be invited to return to our clinic for a full medical history, physical exam, and STD panel. Our donors will also undergo a genetic carrier screening test. Typically, carriers are healthy individuals; but when two parents are carriers of the same genetic mutation they can have a child affected with the actual disease. This is a wonderful opportunity to receive important health history for yourself. 

5. Psychological Screening - If your medical screening tests return normal, you will have an interview with a psychologist and take a brief standardized psychological test which consists of various true or false questions. 

6. Legal contract - All egg donations require a legal contract between a donor and recipient and/or between the donor and CCRH. This agreement is meant to protect the privacy of all parties, define parental rights, and further outlines your compensation, duties, and rights as an egg donor. Our clinic will refer you to an attorney who will represent you in the creation of this legal agreement and to help you understand the document before you sign. 

7. Coordination of the IVF cycle -If the intended parents choose a fresh embryo transfer, we may need to synchronize your cycle with the recipient using birth control pills.

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