Frozen Donor Eggs


California Center for Reproductive Health is pleased to offer our patients an in-house donor egg bank. The egg donors have already been screened, stimulated and eggs retrieved and frozen to be immediately available for use.  The advantages of frozen eggs include complete flexibility with your schedule and no risk that a chosen donor may not be available for a cycle.  

There are many frozen donor egg banks to choose from, however, we advise caution when using these agencies as egg quality and thaw survival is not guaranteed. There can be significant variability in the way the eggs were stimulated—too aggressive of a protocol in an effort to increase egg yield can actually result in poorer egg quality. Furthermore, how the eggs are frozen can make them vulnerable to the thawing process resulting in poor survival and low fertilization rates. 

With CCRH, on the other hand, we can ensure consistently, high quality, premium donor eggs because we manage all our donor recruiting, screening, stimulation, egg retrievals, and vitrification. The embryologist thawing is the same one who froze the eggs-this results in the best success rates. Our egg thaw survival rates are excellent and more importantly, our patients have similar live birth rate using frozen eggs as fresh eggs. 

We hope this option of using frozen donor eggs will help more couples access donor egg treatment and have the opportunity to build their families.


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