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Stephanie Y.

I flew in from out of state for a Tubal Reanastamosis with Dr. Mor. I actually did my consult with Dr. Mor and then went into the office to meet with Dr. Woo. I met Dr. Mor on the day of the surgery and had my friend there to take me. I should have hired a nurse because she decided to get a car detail and left my pain meds in the car and had gotten a rental, I was absolutely terrified to wake up in pain. The surgical staff assured me they would not let me wake up in pain and would control it the best they could when I woke up. I was given a blood thinner injection IM which is very odd because it is not usually given that way. The injection left a giant blue bruise and welt that did not go away for weeks (Not by Dr. Mor). My friend was given instructions to bring me back the following day, she did but at the wrong time which I found out later because it didn’t work with her schedule -_- (I was not in any condition to remember the time after surgery so was surprised when they said I was hours early). So the next day saw Dr. Woo again, the surgical notes were not ready yet so we just talked. I recovered at my friend’s home before flying back. A few months later (my husband is military so I had to wait to try for a baby) I found out I was expecting. I am due July 31, 2022. We are very excited. Thank you, Dr. Mor, Dr. Woo, Surgical staff, and office staff. The coordination was great and so was the communication. The office manager was experienced with payment and processing and was great to work with. Very excited to meet my son <3