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Patricia M.

This review is long overdue. We started our IVF journey in May 2020 and conceived in July. I don’t have the exact words to describe our experience with CCRH. However, I will share the day we graduated. After we said our goodbyes and expressed our gratitude to the entire CCRH team, and as my husband and I were walking down the hall to the elevators, I was sobbing because I didn’t want to leave. I knew that the moment we step out of the building and move on to our OB, we won’t receive the same level of great care that CCRH provided us. Not a lot of people knew that my husband and I were undergoing fertility treatments. So, in a way, CCRH became our support group. Every phone call, question, or concern, someone was always there to ease up my worries. We couldn’t have picked a better team to assist us in this journey. Thank you, Dr. Woo and the entire CCRH Team, for helping us start our family!