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Gina K.

Great experience from the first consultation through my first IUI. I was diagnosed with secondary infertility. I have a son that my husband and I had no issues conceiving. I’ve undergone several fertility tests that came back with good results. My husband had a semen analysis and a semen fragmentation test, both which came back with good results. I was referred to Dr. Mor by my OBGYN. After reading all the reviews, I decided to schedule my consultation. He made me feel so comfortable and at ease. I had been so anxious about the whole situation prior to the first appointment. He looked over all my previous tests and gave me recommendations on supplements to take. He took the time to go over the process with me and he was realistic about the success rates for someone with unexplained infertility. I never feel rushed when talking to him. His staff is great. Great group of nurses and office managers who are so caring. I’m always greeted with smiles when I go in. I have to give a shot out to Jessy because she’s so sweet and had some nice calming words for me when I was nervous about my IUI. Another great thing about Dr. Mor’s office is that your not sitting and waiting in the lobby for 30-40 minutes after your appointment time. The longest I’ve waited was somewhere between 5-10 minutes and he was very apologetic about it. Overall just a great experience.