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Deborah K.

Love Dr. Mor and His Staff! Definitely one of the best and caring doctors! Dr. Mor and all his Staff were great. He took the time to talk everything over with us, and it never felt like he was talking over our heads or down to us. He discussed all the possible options for us and then started at the least invasive. Only one month with his service and we were staring at a positive pregnancy test. I truly appreciate that he started simple and did not just jump to the most invasive. Him and his staff constantly monitored all my levels, keeping close watch on my already existing Thyroid issue, and was very responsive to any questions/concerns I had. Once pregnant, he still made sure all was going well before sending his patients to an OBGYN. My only complaint was that I couldn’t stay with him and his staff throughout the entire pregnancy. It’s hard to find a good, caring doctor now a days. I can’t thank these guys enough for the respect and dignity they showed me and my family during this time.