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Corey N.

I cannot say enough positive things about my experience with this team! Five stars across to board for the doctors and staff! I originally met with Dr. Woo about two years ago when I was having a hard time conceiving with my husband. Everything checked out fine at first so we attempted 3 IUIs that were not successful. After those tries Dr.Woo suggested that my husband and I try IVF. We went to her clinic and got started with egg retrieval which went smoothly for my husband and I. However, after the egg retrieval it was found that I had endometriosis this whole time. After 10 years of going to different doctors knowing something was not right, Dr.Woo was the one who finally saw the true problem. Not only did I have endometriosis but my uterine fibroid grew larger as well. So I needed to schedule a surgery to have it removed, as well as the endometriosis. After healing for about 4 months we were able to get started with the embryo transfer. However, the first one did not work. Dr. Mor was there to help us through and suggested an ERA test. The ERA test is a test to see if the uterus is receptive to implantation and it can also check for other problems as well. After we got our results, it turned out that I had some Natural Killer T cells in my uterus which could possibly be blocking implantation. This can be suppressed by taking steroids (medrol) for the next transfer, which I did and it worked! After 3 years of trying, many tests and two doctors who were determined to get to the bottom of my problems I am now pregnant and in the 2nd trimester! Dr. Woo and Dr. Mor are both amazing, and will not give up on you, they are also very honest and will answer any questions that you might have. I will happily come back when I am ready to have my second baby and work with them. I wish I could stay with them throughout my whole pregnancy but I am now ready to move on to the doctor who will deliver my baby. For anyone reading this please do not give up on yourself and find a team who will support you, your health, and your goals. CCRH was that place for me and my family!