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Belinda R.

My husband and I had discussed having a child together for over a year. We had a lot of challenges in our way and had a lot to consider before making a final decision. Once we made the decision to try to have a child together we began having consultations with various doctors for help. We did not know where to begin, what kind of questions to ask or what to expect. After months of consultations and uncertainty of the decision we made, we met Dr. Mor and his staff. This was a perfect fit for us. For the first time we felt like our story was personal not just to us but also to the doctor and his staff. I know we were not their only clients but they made us feel that way. Every appointment Dr. Mor and his staff would remember personal details about our lives and asked us questions about how we are doing outside of patient related questions. We had many procedures with Dr, Mor and these were procedures we knew little about and had to trust Dr. Mor every step of the way. And I can confidently say that we felt very comfortable and confident being under Dr. Mor’s care. I know this is what he does for a living and it can be easy to disregard “silly” questions or fears but Dr. Mor and his staff made it a point to make sure every question that we had was also important to them and addressed to our full satisfaction. They helped us financially, emotionally and professionally. They even sacrificed their regular working hours to help us out with our schedule. Who does that? My husband and I are blessed to have found Dr. Mor and the center for reproduction. Their education, compassion, friendliness, professionalism is incomparable. We are very grateful. Thank you.