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Amberette J.

We found Dr. Mor April of 2020. This was after we were scammed by another facility in California that really was not a facility I guess. They took money from us and no longer answer phone calls or anything and we were scheduled to drive out there on a specific day and that did not happen. Dr. Mor Team in office were very sweet I explain to them the situation and they took me as a patient. We ended up scheduling for me to have my tuba reversal done October 19, 2020. Prior to my tubal reversal my tubes were tied for almost 6 years. I was truly nervous about getting this done. This would have been my husband and I first baby together as he had children in his previous marriage and I had children in my previous relationship. So we went for our scheduled to reversal of the team was great they were nice they calmed my nerves, they were good to my husband as well. I had a great anesthesiologist and when I woke up I was told that he was able to repair not one but both of my tubes. Stated that we can try 30 days later. We ended up getting pregnant July 2021. I am currently seven months pregnant in awaiting our baby boy in February 2022. So I highly recommend this facility if you’re looking to get the surgery done. I’m very skeptical about a lot of places.They truly made me a believer. And I also want to thank them for putting up with all my phone calls and be bothering him all the time. LOL asking a whole lot of questions.