Gonal-f Pen (300 IU, 600 IU, or 900 IU) Injection Instructions

  1. Necessary materials:
    • Gonal-F Pen (300 IU, 600 IU, or 900 IU)
    • Needle (white container with seal)
    • Alcohol swabs

  2. Remove pen cap and wipe with alcohol swab
  3. Remove peel tab from outer needle cap
  4. Screw needle onto pen until needle is securely attached
  5. Turn dosage dial (clockwise or counter-clockwise) to your desired dose (as prescribed by your physician) by turning white dial, until desired dose is lined up with black arrow
    • Do not proceed to step 6 (loading dose) until you are sure that correct dose was dialed

  6. Load dialed dose into pen by pulling out white injection knob at end of pen as far out as possible (your desired dose should show on the shaft of the pulled out white knob)
    • If you have accidentally misdialed and loaded a dose which is lower than your daily prescribed dose, proceed with steps 7-11 (below), then redial the pen and load residual dose for a 2nd injection (the total dose of the 2 injections should add up to daily dose)
    • If you have accidentally misdialed and loaded a dose which is higher than your daily prescribed dose, notify your physician’s office prior to proceeding with steps 7-11
  7. Wipe skin with alcohol swab at intended injection site

  8. Remove cap and cover off of needle and administer medication subcutaneously:
    • The injection can be given in the back of the arm if someone else is administering it, or in the mid-abdominal area or the top of the thigh if you are self-injecting
    • Pinch the skin with one hand and hold the syringe like a pencil with the other hand
    • Push the needle into the subcutaneous tissue at a 45-degree angle until it disappears into the skin and then inject the medication

  9. Refrigerate what is left of the medication (entire pen) for your next dose

Possible skin reaction: A red area may appear around the injection site and/or the injection site might itch and/or bruising may occur. These are all excepted reactions and will disappear over time. Please notify us if redness/bruising around the injection site appear to be enlarging or spreading.


  • Unused pen: Maintain refrigerated. Avoid freezer.
  • Partially used pen: Maintain refrigerated. Avoid freezer.

Use the disposable syringe(s) only once. Dispose of syringe(s) properly in a biohazard container. When biohazard container is full return it to our office or your pharmacy. Never leave syringes, drugs, or needles where children can reach them. Keep careful track of your prescribed dose of medication as it may change throughout the course of your treatment cycle. Whenever uncertain about your injection, contact our office for clarification.

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